pollen is an important source of protein and minerals which provides important contribution to health. Pollen is recommended in states of stress, cases of growing-delay and during the nursing period. It’s a great intestinal regulator, it fights constipation, diarrhea, colitis. It is also recommended in convalescence and during period of antibiotic therapies.
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Royal Gelly

It has got extremely important stimulating, invigorating, revitalizing and balancing properties: for this it is recommended in cases of physical and mental tiredness, apathy and depression, neurovegetative dystonia and nervous breakdowns. It carries a strong action on appetite in whom suffers anorexia, even if does not affect the appetite in healthy people. It stimulates the weight and stature-gaining process in children and it has got significant effects on blood portmanteau (especially in anemia cases), on arteriosclerosis etc.. It improves physical and mental performances, making resistence to fatigue higher and increasing body’s defense capabilities, integrating nutritional deficiences.
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